Training Services


Training services for teams of all ages and skill levels.

Team Coaching

  • Pay per event (SJSL / SJGSL Recommended)
  • Annual Salary (EDP / College Showcase teams)

Summer & Winter Training Academies

  • Winter Training Academies
  • Summer Camps / Programs

Club Programs:

  • Mini & Micro Academies (U5. U6-U8)
  • Intramural training
  • Club Wide “Open Soccer” Nights
  • Customized programs for the needs of your clubs

Looking to Join a Club?

Diamond Soccer trains local youth soccer teams at clubs throughout South Jersey. If you want to join a team, let us know!

Why Choose Us?

Diamond Soccer hires local coaches that want to give back in their community and teach our style of play and philosophy. They are often players that have been in the same shoes of those they are coaching ensuring passionate coaches that serve as great role models for their players.

We teach players to how to analyze what they see to make the best decision possible to achieve success.

Players will learn and apply new techniques in situations that relate to the full sided game.

Our goal is to increase each players confidence in their decision making and technique so they can reach optimum performance in their matches. Confidence is often increased when players are having fun.

Diamond Soccer provides coaching curriculums based on the appropriate age and skill level.

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